Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Movie Making Reflections

This week we went to Caledonian Primary School for a lesson with a movie producer Michael Green. It will be a big second half to term 3 as we prepare our movies for showing to the CASS judges. 

What we learnt from Michael Green:

§  How to holding the camera to get good footage and the different types of movie genres. Max

§  What the other school are doing for their movies. Alanah

§  Steady ways to hold the camera e.g. turn your hips not your whole body. Ashanti

§  To turn your hips when doing a swish pan. Emily

§  How to make someone disappear with clever editing. Kailee

§  I learnt about all the different movie genres like horror, comedy etc. Jude

§  How to change the setting that allows you to shorten and crop scenes. Camryn

§  To keep the camera as still as possible. Connor

§  The iPad will focus on the brightest thing it is pointing at. Clayton

§  All the different body positions you should use to hold an iPad from shaking. Charlotte

§  You can use reflectors to either block sun or add light to a subject. Jacksen

§  You can do magic on an iPad by making people disappear. Tom R

§  I learnt lots of little tips and tricks to use when editing movies. Sophie

§  It’s important to say “action” when you’re ready for people to act. Bailey

§  Storyboards are important in planning you movie. Felicity

§  To use your body to turn the camera. Patrick

§  Not to continue rolling with filming, short scenes are easier to edit. Gabbi

§  I’ve improved my ability to edit using iMovie by changing a few settings. Jasper

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